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    The Death of the Family


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    The Death of the Family

    Post  DNArington on April 2nd 2013, 9:55 pm

    This isn't excactly a formal review, just some of my thoughts on this comic ark.

    I haven't been following the current Batman series, but when I heard that they were introducing a revamped version of my favorite supervillain, the Joker, to the New 52 I was intrigued. The entire story is out now and I have begged/borrowed/bought/stole (you know, the usual) the main story as well as a few of the tie-ins, aaaaand......I hated it. The Joker was missing the things I like most about him. His "big plan" that the Joker normaly has was boring and not very well thought out this time and they threw some things in there just to say "look how weird the Joker is," and the Joker is supposed to be weird, but his weirdness is normally a part of a bigger plan. Here it just seemed like the threw some stuff together.
    Also they replaced a lot of the Jokers' creepyness with with Grossness. To me he is more of a guy who does weird, creepy and really messed up stuff (read The Killing Joke for a good example) and yes sometimes it is really gross, but that is not the point. In Death of the Family The Joker cuts his face off and ties it to his head. Why? Heck if i know! There is a brief reason given at the end, but it was so stupid and lame and I just didn't buy it. It was supposed to prove a point, but it wasn't a point the Joker would try to prove in my opinion, so in that sense it seemed out of character to me.

    The Joker I like is a psychological terror. He will mess up your mind and use you. This Joker however seems more like your average insane supervillain, only a bit more morbid.

    And to top it off I thought the art got pretty wonky at times, and the story was so weak that it is just not worth reading at all. :-(

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    Re: The Death of the Family

    Post  Paeter on April 3rd 2013, 1:48 pm

    I've only read portions of the arc and couldn't agree more. DC has ruined the Joker and slowly seems to be doing the same to the entire DCU. I still buy a handful of DC comics that I really like, but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not buying any a few years from now if this pattern continues. When they relaunched the DCU they should have taken Geoff Johns off of everything he's doing, cancel all Batman and Superman books except for one each and have him and Gail Simone write Batman and Superman for 6-12 months to get the foundation of the DCU right.

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