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    Who rates comics?


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    Who rates comics?

    Post  DNArington on May 2nd 2013, 12:43 am

    Just wondering if anybody knows who gives comics the ratings they receive?

    When I read the Death of the Family Batman story, it was one of the bloodiest and grossest comics I've ever read. I thought this must have a parental advisory warning on it, but lo and behold it was rated T for teen.

    The Superior Spiderman is much less gory (some blood here and there), but it is rated T+.

    Then I am reading Cable and X-Force which has a Parental Advisory, but as far as I've read there is almost no blood and any harsh language is bleeped out. My brother says there is a bad scene in one I have yet to read so maybe that is what pushed that up.

    Does anyone know where they get these ratings from? Do they just make them up themselves or is there some kind of MPAA of comics or of each company? It sometimes seems kind of random to me.

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