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    being proud and being prideful


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    being proud and being prideful

    Post  Rickster on July 20th 2013, 10:47 pm

    God hates pride and if I'm not mistaken it was Lucifer's pride that caused him to fall.
    But is it wrong to be proud of one's accomplishments?
    Like today I was able to run over 5 miles with out walking and for someone like me who last Oct couldn't even run for for a minute straight that is quite an accomplishment is it a sin for me to be proud of that or not?

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    Re: being proud and being prideful

    Post  mindspike on July 21st 2013, 2:34 pm

    The pride to which you are referring is "hubris", a specific reference to pride that places oneself above others based on innate qualities or entitlement as opposed to accomplishment. In the Greek, it is often translated as "pride that offends the gods". It is a pride that seeks to denigrate or strip accomplishment or qualities from others as a way of distinguishing oneself as superior.

    -Winston Crutchfield
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