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    Hebrew-Greek Bible Geek back On Course!


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    Hebrew-Greek Bible Geek back On Course!

    Post  Paeter on August 9th 2013, 11:50 am

    For those of you who may have once followed the blog I maintain for my study mentor titled "The Hebrew-Greek Bible Geek", that blog is now being updated regularly again. I've had Dave's notes for awhile but had trouble remembering to post them with regularity. Recently I discovered the option to schedule posts in advance. (Tadah!) So now all of his remaining posts for his study in the book of Revelation are uploaded and will post once per day from now through next Wednesday when the last post will be published.

    If you've ever though Revelation should just be left alone because "it can't be understood" or its "too complicated", this study is for you! Dave's notes take you through the entire book verse by verse and present reasoned, logical interpretation that will not only be useful, but encouraging as you contemplate the very real and amazing future Yahweh has planned! This book is not weird and unapproachable. It's relevant and encouraging for your life, right now!

    Dave Lindstrom received his Master's of Divinity at Phoenix Seminary. His post-masters work includes enrichment courses and studies in Bible exegesis, Hebrew and Greek. He is proficient at both languages and teaches a weekly course directly from the original language Biblical texts.

    The blog is located at:

    The Revelation study begins here:

    He also has other studies previously published in full on the blog including:




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