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    Hawkeye in a rut?


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    Hawkeye in a rut?

    Post  DNArington on October 27th 2013, 12:50 am

    Warning: Hawkeye spoilers may follow...

    I don't know about you, but I have been loving the current on-going Hawkeye comic series, but recently he seems to be in a rut. For a while now he has been moping around with a real "life sucks" attitude, and consequently his series doesn't seem to be going anywhere...literally. The last four to five issues (including the annual) have all taken place in the same period of time, just from different perspectives, and while it is fun to see Kate Bishop's take and his brother's take and his dog's take on the same thing, in the end it is still just the same thing over and over...and over... His depression is so palpable it over flows out of the comic and I start feeling bummed for him whenever I dig into the next issue. Honestly I don't think that is a bad thing from a writer's standpoint, because he is effectively portraying how his character feel and he is doing it really well.

    Also they took away the best part of the book for me, Kate Bishop. My favorite thing about this series was the dynamic between the two Hawkeyes and now Kate left for who knows where and that dynamic is gone. Though another Hawkeye just showed up in the form of Clint's brother, Barney, and hopefully he will help cheer up Clint (though honestly Barney looks like he needs some cheering up himself.) I would like to see all the Hawkeyes come together and have some adventures together.

    I just hope Clint gets back on his feet, and they bring back the sense of fun the earlier issues had.

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