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    What are your plans for 2014


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    What are your plans for 2014

    Post  Rickster on December 30th 2013, 5:27 pm

    What are your plans and goals for the new year

    For me in January I'm volunteering 2 obstacle races and volunteers get to run the race for free so those will be fun. Also As I stated before I'm going to be taking a class that will help me pass her personal training certification test and hopefully I can find a part time job as a PT.
    I'm also hoping to face one of my fears and actually go sky diving
    On the Spiritual side I bought a 365 day Devotional that my goal is to not miss a single day of reading it (or listening to my Bible study podcast)
    And I really need to work on creating my Christian Men fitness community (if anyone wants to help me out with this let me know)

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    Re: What are your plans for 2014

    Post  AdamCollings on December 31st 2013, 1:05 am

    Really haven't thought much about it, have just been trying to get through 2013.

    As far as writing goes, I plan to finish my first-pass edit on my novel, then give it to alpha readers. While in their hands I'll work on outlining the re-write of my first novel. Not sure where exactly I want to get to by the end of the year. My 2013 goal was to completely finish my first-draft, which I did.

    As for the rest of it, just trying to do my best at work and being the best husband and father that I can be.

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    Re: What are your plans for 2014

    Post  Paeter on January 2nd 2014, 12:34 am

    Well, there's a bunch of work stuff that I'll probably yack about on the podcast or SBP forum in the next few weeks. But on the play side of things I'm aiming to be disciplined enough in my geek entertainment spending to be able to purchase a PS4 within the next 4-6 months. Good thing I'll be starting my search for "Summer Of Free" content this spring! The effort may be very useful to me!

    -Seek The Truth!

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    Re: What are your plans for 2014

    Post  Rohelf on January 7th 2014, 2:57 pm

    Well, first of all, here's hoping for a year with fewer repair and accident issues than the last one. 2013 for me started with a flat tire (yes, on New Year's Day). 2014 gave me a five day head start before God, for reasons unknown, decided to nudge a bubble of sub-zero air down from the North Pole to hover over the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys.

    Then He killed my furnace fan.

    Fortunately, the killing cold from outside has not yet fully seeped into the house. It's uncomfortable, and continuing to drop, but not dangerous. Here's hoping the repairman can fix it before it becomes dangerous. When I left for work this morning, the thermostat said it was 58 in the house. I suspect this to be a lie. I spent yesterday hovering over a space heater in a blanket-wrapped torpor, unable to handle either my chain mail or my knitting for more than a few minutes at a time because the metal rings and needles were painfully cold, then crawled into bed in everything but my shoes and shivered myself unconscious. I do not wish to repeat this experience tonight.

    On the plus side, much like being feverishly ill, being miserably cold kicked up some creative sparks in my brain, so hopefully I can use that as fuel to keep working on my novel. I really want to finish that this year.

    That, and I've got some crafty projects for the house I'm hoping to make progress on, painting and knitting and stitching to make the place nicer.

    But first and most, I want my heat back!

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    Re: What are your plans for 2014

    Post  DNArington on January 11th 2014, 10:09 pm

    At some point this year (hopefully soon) I want to start writing a comic I have been thinking over for a while now. I would like to finish it this year too, but, knowing me, I might not... Neutral 

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    Re: What are your plans for 2014

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