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    CGC Cards


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    CGC Cards

    Post  Rickster on January 5th 2014, 3:36 am

    You know how some people put stickers on their that represent each members of their family? Well today I out to dinner with my family and the car next to ours had those but with Darth Vader ( Vader had a bow to represent the girls) and they also had a Not of the World sticker on their car. So when I saw that I thought they would might be someone who would be interested in CGC and I thought if I had a card that talked about CGC i could have put it on their windshield and let them know about the site.
    So Paeter any idea on how we could get something like that to work?

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    Re: CGC Cards

    Post  Paeter on January 13th 2014, 11:00 am

    Awesome idea!


    I'm open to suggestions. I get business cards from now and then, who only charge for "shipping" if you just use the basic templates they have available. Anyone who wants to could create CGC "business cards" with the site info on them (and include my e-mail/contact info if they think appropriate). But I'm not sure how we could get those business cards out to those interested. Obviously we could mail them out. But depending on the number of people who want them it could get pricey. And that's also paying for shipping twice.

    Then again, if we're only talking about $20 bucks or so in total shipping costs I'd be fine with covering that with SBP funds.

    I also put a couple SBP cards in with all physical product purchases. If I had CGC cards I could throw them in too, but that only gets a few cards out to the minority who buy specifically physical products from SBP. A supplement but not a solution.

    Anyone have additional thoughts/suggestions?

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    Re: CGC Cards

    Post  bellamoto on January 17th 2014, 1:46 pm

    One possibility in getting the cards out could be to get them to Comic Cons, gaming events and the like throughout the country (and possibly other countries).  You could connect with some of the Christian publishers who might go to such events (or even have them out on the counters in their shops).  You might also consider getting in touch with Mike and Luke from Game Store Prophets or Derek, the GeekPreacher, as it sounds like they tend to go to a number of conventions, as well.  Just a thought!

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    Re: CGC Cards

    Post  jorowi on January 17th 2014, 2:16 pm

    Custom dice from Chessex or Crystal Caste would be cool. They'd really stand out from normal business cards.

    They're a bit pricey, though. 100 dice will run you $60 plus shipping if you only get one side customized.

    If you want a more hands-on approach you could make them yourself, I suppose.

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    Re: CGC Cards

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