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    Post  Rickster on January 31st 2014, 9:44 pm

    Someone i know on Facebook posted this article and originally i thought it was going to be another post tribulation believe complaining about how popular the books were but no i was way off. If I'm reading the article correctly this person is denying the 2nd coming.
    Here is the link

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    Re: Wow.

    Post  WhiteBoy on February 1st 2014, 12:19 pm

    Sounds like it to me. Sounds like he only has a part of it right. I don't know much about Left Behind, so I don't know that he gets it right. As a matter of fact, from what I've heard he doesn't. But denying the whole Second Coming?? It kind of cracks me up how many and varied interpretations there are of Revelation.

    Nathan James Norman
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    Re: Wow.

    Post  Nathan James Norman on February 3rd 2014, 8:40 am

    I think the first line of the article sends up red flags: "I really like Nicolas Cage as an actor."  lol! 

    I kid! I kid!

    This article seems to be espousing a view of the book of Revelation known as "full preterism" which is rather problematic. It's hard to say whether or not the author himself denies that Jesus will come again... many full preterists, though, do deny it. Some don't. But their main thrust is that everything in the book of Revelation happened in the near-future from when Revelation was written. (Within a generation). This doesn't necessarily say anything about their end-times theology... just how they interpret the entire book.

    I think we need to have doctrinal humility when talking about eschatology, though. (Remember how Saul of Tarsus knew the Hebrew Bible in its entirety and understood about biblical prophecy? What conclusions did he draw? That's right... his Bible knowledge led him to the belief that "Jesus in not the Messiah and I should kill his followers")

    Also we need to separate two issues:
    1. Eschatology (End Times Studies), which draws conclusions about the end times from ALL the biblical data
    2. Interpretation of Revelation, which is only concerned with how Revelation's data is interpreted. (Yes it will have an effect on a person's eschatology, but end-times data is found throughout the Bible, not just in Revelation).

    So... anyhow... partial preterism is a pretty viable viewpoint (that is, some of Revelation has been fulfilled) but that last chapter is hard to imagine having taken place already.

    Just for the record I'm a progressive dispensationalist... so I'd disagree with some of the Left Behind theology. But I think the LEft Behind theology can make a good argument from the text.

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    Re: Wow.

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