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    No Podcast This Weekend


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    No Podcast This Weekend

    Post  Paeter on February 14th 2014, 4:03 pm

    In case you missed my other post, there will be no SBU podcast this weekend. A recurring problem with my laptop came to a head this week and required immediate attention. Nothing catastrophic, but it can't be ignored any longer. (The fan needs to be replaced.) For various reasons I wont go into, this means that I'm unable to release the podcast this weekend, though I anticipate releasing a new episode next weekend and being back on schedule after that.

    I apologize for the break in schedule. I wanted to hold off spending money until I really needed to, which is usually wise. But the flip side of that coin is an unpredictable interruption in my schedule.

    Thanks for your patience, and in the meantime you're encouraged to go try out one or more of the podcasts in the CGC network if you haven't yet! These guys put out great content!

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