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    Geeks And The Nasal Voice Stereotype


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    Geeks And The Nasal Voice Stereotype

    Post  Paeter on April 9th 2014, 1:29 pm

    Taking a little break from mixing AWOS and a future project popped into my head that's been in the early brainstorming stages for years.

    I'm considering creating and playing a character that in some respects represents, without mocking, the iconic geek/nerd. One trait I may include is a nasal or "stuffed up" sounding voice. But I'm curious about the origins and reasons for this stereotype existing. I can't imagine that those who are nerds first somehow develop strong allergies or nasal conditions. I suppose I assume that the condition exists first and in many cases somehow contributes to the individual's "nerdiness". (For example, their nasal voice makes them hesitant to speak, making them socially withdrawn and attracted to the inward, imaginative life.)

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? Would especially love to hear from anyone out there who identifies as a nerd/geek and actually HAS a nasal/stuffed quality to their voice. But ideas/insight from anyone would be valued. Thanks!

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