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    Uplink: Hacker Elite

    Post  Paeter on May 1st 2014, 12:45 pm

    In recent months I've discovered the joys of retro gaming as I save for a next-gen console. I'm mostly playing my way through the Infinity Engine RPGs (Baldur's Gate 2 is looooooong!) but recently felt like having an option I can enjoy in small doses when I'm not quite in the mood for a tactical dungeon crawl.

    Enter "Uplink: Hacker Elite", a game from the early Ots that simulates the "cinematic" representations of hacking. In other words, it doesn't simulate REAL hacking, but rather the hacking you see in movies. Which for the "computer stupid" like me is awesome!

    I'm only a couple hours into the game, but so far its been really immersive and engaging. Not much to speak of graphically, but it wouldn't feel right if there was. The game makes me feel like I'm a movie hacker, holed away in my dark, underground hacking lair with an unsuspecting world in the palm of my hand. Will I use my hacking powers for good or evil? (Or, I guess evil or REEEEEALY evil?)

    Here's a review I found helpful before picking up the game for super cheap during a sale. (It's pretty cheap there even without the sale.)

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