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    For the Introverts


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    For the Introverts

    Post  ComiKate on July 1st 2014, 4:24 pm

    I'm what I'd call an introvert who has adapted to an extrovert world - I manage pretty well, I can and will socialize, I have a busy job surrounded by lots and lots of colleagues I cooperate with, I have friends (though not loads and loads of them), etc. Nevertheless, I'm extremely introverted. And I'm finding that the older I get, the less inclined I feel to adapt to that extroversion that seems to be the norm. I claim my time alone more often, I don't make too many plans to see friends or other social activities unless I really want to (which isn't very often), and I really struggle when I'm invited to social events: do I have to go, can I politely decline and if not, why not?
    I guess I'm just growing tired of the constant drain of having to adapt to something I'm really not.

    At my work we have just changed everything to these open-spaced offices, meant to stimulate group-work etc. A situation so horrendous to me that I actually, literally felt sick to my stomach and got a headache. Being in the fortunate position that I have actually got two bosses, so two desks to work from, I fled from the open-spaced new one, and chose the other, far more quiet spot in a completely different part of our building as the location to work from for both of my bosses. My other introverted colleagues (a minority) weren't so lucky, alas. They had to stay, and they look miserable every time I come over to their part of the building.

    Yesterday I shared how I felt with one of my introverted colleagues - and she felt the same. She tipped me this TED talk - which was very relatable. Especially the things the speaker says about the workplace, which of course hit close to home for me and my colleagues.

    Anyway, here's the video, for all of you Fellow Introverted Persons Wink 

    Imho there's another bias by the way: the morning person vs evening/night person. Our whole society is organized for the morning person. The extravert morning person.
    Of course I'm an introvert night person, so…. yeah. study

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    Re: For the Introverts

    Post  WhiteBoy on July 3rd 2014, 10:36 am

    Thanks for sharing that, Kate.


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    Re: For the Introverts

    Post  Rohelf on July 3rd 2014, 5:22 pm

    Finally got a chance to listen to this, and I can't agree enough. Modern American culture tends to treat introversion as a problem that needs fixing, rather than an equally valid mode of living. (I've noticed the same treatment given to pessimism vs. optimism. Smile and socialize, people! Or else! Razz ) I actually got punished in high school for wanting to work alone rather than with people who had been nasty to me before. Ugh...

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    Re: For the Introverts

    Post  Battlemech37 on September 25th 2014, 8:55 pm

    Thanks for sharing that too. I wonder if the term "Introvert" is even accurate to describe this character type. It sounds a bit negative, doesn't it? But, I think businesses, churches, and other communities are starting to slowly understand the valuable contributions people who are more "introverted" can provide.

    Anyway, I had a situation at a place I worked at that was an open office situation too, and I really did not like it at all - so much so that i believed it hampered my ability to focus and be an effective employee. Consequently, I was able to find a new job where I felt that I had more of my own space. Here's a link I found on LinkedIn that I thought was pretty good too about open office environments:

    Granted, I don't want to be making excuses for "introverted" people to not engage or interact, but a lot of times I think we can be made to feel less valuable because we don't engage or interact in the same way that "extroverts" do.

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    Re: For the Introverts

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