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    Need Hulu and Crackle Anime Suggestion!


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    Need Hulu and Crackle Anime Suggestion!

    Post  Paeter on July 3rd 2014, 5:36 pm

    I'm looking for suggestions of good anime to watch on either Hulu or Crackle (or another reputable/legal and free source online). Just a title and why you think it's cool would be very helpful! (This is for a "Summer Of Free" segment in a few weeks.)


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    Re: Need Hulu and Crackle Anime Suggestion!

    Post  mindspike on July 4th 2014, 9:58 am

    On Hulu: Trinity Blood.
    In a world where vampires war against humanity between the worlds of Earth and Mars, one of the oldest, most powerful, Abel Nightroad, sides with humanity and takes the vows of priesthood. Heavy political intrigue, heavy ethical and moral issues, hard core action.

    On Crackle: Initial D.
    Street racers vie for reputation and control of the racing circuit. But the greatest racer of them of them is a tofu-delivery driver. Badly dated stylistically, but the animation is clean, the acting is solid, and it's one of the few shows that features awesome racing action on a regular basis.

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