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    Christian Hypocrisy

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    Christian Hypocrisy

    Post  Hackmodford on August 16th 2010, 4:36 pm

    I just found this on the internet... can anyone tear it apart and have any thoughts? I'm not sure I agree with what they're saying...

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    Re: Christian Hypocrisy

    Post  Paeter on August 16th 2010, 5:58 pm

    Hackmodford wrote:

    I just found this on the internet... can anyone tear it apart and have any thoughts? I'm not sure I agree with what they're saying...

    This is an example of a massive oversimplification of issues that deserve much more thought and intelligent discussion.

    If the woman in the third panel were a real person and I had the opportunity to have real discussion with her, I would likely respond to her points something like this:

    Regarding her first point, it is less valid to worship 100 gods rather than one if the one God you fail to acknowledge and worship is actually real and the others are not.

    Regarding the second point, I'd say "Fair enough. How about you tell me what they do believe, and why, and we can see what holds up to investigation?"

    And again, regarding her third point, I'd say let's look at the information together. She has done no more to prove her truth claim (that Christianity is no more verifiable than Islam) than the mindless Christian in her cartoon has done to prove hers.

    Finally, I'd ask her what her interest is in discussing religion if she is an Atheist, as the strip seems to identify her. From a purely atheistic standpoint, it shouldn't matter what anyone believes if it makes them feel good. She'd even be hard pressed to make the point that Christians should not be obnoxious and rude when expressing their beliefs, since atheism has no foundation for absolute morality. Instead, if she hopes to stop Christians from being mindless and obnoxious, she should simply try to have a law passed preventing it, as it is impossible for her to argue on moral grounds.

    This cartoon makes broad general statements that are easy to say but cannot be answered with quick snappy comebacks. Genuinely examining truth requires an interest from both parties to examine the evidence and dialogue together on an ongoing basis. My guess is that, given the chosen medium here is "comic strip", the author is not really interested in doing this. She seems to simply want to stab at something in public that frustrates her. But ff she was interested in actual discussion I'd be happy to connect with her about it.

    That's how I would respond anyway. Hope that's helpful. Anyone else have some thoughts?

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    Re: Christian Hypocrisy

    Post  UKSteve on August 17th 2010, 3:45 am

    There's a simple misinterpretation of Christ isn't there:
    it's Christians who claim a man is God
    Don't think I've actually heard that one in real life, but I can see how that interpretation (as opposed to the subtly different claim that God became a man) might be used as an argument against Christ.

    It is a bit of a worry that some people see Christians like the one in the strip though...

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    Re: Christian Hypocrisy

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