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    Post  Paeter on August 8th 2014, 1:40 pm

    After tons of tweaking and testing with both options, I finally chose between the Morrowind Graphics/Sound Overhaul and Morroblivion, and Morroblivion is the winner, hands down. Maybe if i had a better laptop I'd go with the Overhaul, but the interface on Morroblivion (which uses the Oblivion engine) can be modified to be so much closer to the console experience than the original Morrowind engine can be.

    I plan to make a comparison video at some point in the future, specifically aimed at console gamers who don't have a "gaming PC" but would like to play Morrowind. LOOOOVE this version of the game! So much I could almost forget to eat!

    Which reminds me. Lunch time!

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