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    Shadow Hearts For PS2


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    Shadow Hearts For PS2

    Post  Paeter on August 13th 2014, 12:45 pm

    My PS4 system seller (Dragon Age Inquistion) got delayed until November, so I'm diving back into some retro titles. I'm now getting back into Shadow Hearts for the PS2, which is possibly my favorite game series on the PS2 and maybe my favorite RPG for that system as well.

    It's a bit obscure. A dark gothic vibe, set in a slightly sci-fi pre-WW1 Europe, featuring very disturbing monster designs that Lovecraft fans would "enjoy".

    It uses a standard turn-based combat system with the exception of the "Judgment Ring", a disc that appears after selecting actions in combat. The disc has highlighted pie slices that you must stop a moving spinner at in order to execute your selected action. Each slice also has a small red section inside of it. If you hit this red section your chosen action will be more powerful. If you miss the slices your action will fail or be less effective.

    At first I HATED this, because I have terrible hand-eye coordination and like to think slowly, unpressured, during RPG combat. I hadn't played any action RPGs at this point, so I wasn't used to ANY reflex elements in RPGs and the introduction of one made me nervous. But once I tried it a few times I was suddenly hooked! It wasn't as hard as I thought, or devastating to strategy when I failed. It also added a component that kept me engaged and excited about combat without taking away the strategic thinking I enjoy in Turn-based RPGs.

    If it continues to hold my interest even after all these years I may do a video review, but if you happen to like retro-RPGs and haven't tried this one, it's highly recommended! (About $40 used right now on Amazon)

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