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    Has God ever use an event


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    Has God ever use an event

    Post  Rickster on August 17th 2010, 4:11 am

    Have you ever had a time where God used a random event to give you a message.
    Here is an example of something that happened to me
    A couple of years ago I desided to produce a games show at my school which considering I had a insane school schedule (with most of my classes required me to do projects outside of school) wasn't very bright on my part. So one day i just thinking about giving up and just focusing on my school projects when I turned on the TV and there was this Christian show on and the girl on the show was talking about perseverance and she was saying "sure it tough right now but think about how good it will feel once you got the job done". I was like WOW and to make sure I knew the message was from God THEY PALYED A MUSIC VIDEO BY DREAM GIRL I was like OK God I get you're trying to tell me and after that I was at peace for the whole rest of the semester. Was able to use my game show as a final project for 3 of my classes and finished my semester with streaght A's.
    If you have a similar story please share

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    Re: Has God ever use an event

    Post  hvymtlcowboy on August 18th 2010, 12:53 am

    God tends to 'talk' to me in music and dreams. Maybe because I understand things better in that type of media. Not too long ago I woke up with one verse from a Matchbox 20 song running through my head. Just one verse. It was the opening verse to 'Little Wonders'.

    Sings in his best texting voice Let it go. Let it roll right off your shoulders. Don't you know, the hardest part is over?

    I was up for a promotion at work. This was how I knew I wasn't getting the promotion and that God had another plan for me. A different route. If I had gotten the promotion, I don't think I ever would have written my first book. I think God 'talks' to us all, all of the time. We just have to learn 'how' to listen. This was not the only time He has spoken to me this way, but it was the first time I remember understanding the message He was sending.

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