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    Breaking Bad = Geek Show?


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    Breaking Bad = Geek Show?

    Post  Paeter on September 10th 2014, 11:43 pm

    I've wondered for years why they made action figures for Breaking Bad and it seemed to have such geek appeal. I'm trying the show for the first time (have only watched the first two eps so far) and already I get it.

    Someone who is treated unjustly, taking "justice" into his own hands, aided by his unique skill set that to others may feel a little like super-powers, all while leading two different lives.

    Lots of superhero, or at least comic book, trappings in this show.

    Dark humor with some drama and potential for heavy, emotional storytelling as well. So far I'm loving it!!

    Think I might fire up episode 3 right now before bed!

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    Re: Breaking Bad = Geek Show?

    Post  tmorrill on September 14th 2014, 5:48 pm

    This is absolutely a geek show! Probably one of my favorite shows in a long time.

    The way they build the story over the seasons with a good blend of dark humor and amazing storytelling was well done IMO. Also there is a lot of foreshadowing in this show which would make sense on a second viewing from what I'm told.

    However, I wouldn't recommend binge watching this show since it does have a very dark theme and tone to it.

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    Re: Breaking Bad = Geek Show?

    Post  DNArington on September 19th 2014, 5:49 pm

    I've seen the first season and I loved it. I never really thought of it as a geek show, but you draw some convincing parallels there.

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    Re: Breaking Bad = Geek Show?

    Post  WhiteBoy on September 20th 2014, 10:34 pm

    This show was one of my favorites, too. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

    Those are some good points about superheros that I had not even thought of. I think of Walt's progression as a downward spiral, though, and Walt as an anti-hero rather than a hero. There are always some redeeming qualities in him, but he gets progressively worse you see just how far he is willing to go.

    I thought of it more of a story of how sin consumes us. When he first started he knew it was wrong, but his initial intention may have been somewhat honorable (providing for his family). Sin soon increasingly consumes him and you will ask yourself "how much further will he take this?"


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    Re: Breaking Bad = Geek Show?

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