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    The Potty Mouth Video Blog


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    The Potty Mouth Video Blog

    Post  Paeter on September 24th 2014, 8:34 pm

    WARNING!!! I'm about to talk about going potty!!!! (But without using any rough language.)

    So I was on the can today for some extended "processing time" and began thinking about Youtube and what kinds of things attract interest to a channel. That got me thinking...

    What if I started a video blog about going number 2, and establish a new internet identity as "Potty Mouth"? I could just take my phone in with me every time I have to do some serious business and chronicle the whole thing! I obviously wouldn't show anything normally covered by clothes, and I would probably be banned from Youtube if I showed any material I "produced", but wouldn't that be a unique channel?

    Next to the "act of marriage", I think going #2 is possibly the most personal yet common activity humanity universally experiences. Depending on what you ate (I had too much cheesecake this week) there can be drama and anguish, groaning through the occasional challenges of expelling waste. What an intense story of raw humanity it could be! I could be a bold innovator, inviting the world to join one man's journey with his toilet, taking viewers into the bowels of...him!

    In addition to "potty talk", I have some of my most creative or introspective and deep thoughts during that time. Why not share those things too? Heck, I've heard that ancient Hebrews even had a common prayer expressing gratefulness to Yahweh for a good bowel movement! Something so many take for granted that we should ALL be thankful for!

    This could be a phenomenon! An unexpected experience that jumps back and forth between the absurdly uncomfortable and deeply meaningful. Human transparency on multiple levels! Like nothing anyone would expect!

    This idea is so outside the box and amazing, I shouldn't even be sharing it here. I should just be DOING it before someone else does it! I'd be an internet sensation, starting a whole new trend! Sure, "Let's Play" videos are big, but not everyone plays video games. Yet EVERYONE poops! There's even a children's book that says so, it must be true!

    Hmmm. I'll have to give this some more thought. Maybe next time I'm going number 2...

    ...there's something wrong with me, isn't there?

    -Seek The Truth!

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    Re: The Potty Mouth Video Blog

    Post  DNArington on September 24th 2014, 9:38 pm! I could actually see that becoming an internet sensation. That's all I'll say... lol!

    Oh and worst kids book ever!

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    Re: The Potty Mouth Video Blog

    Post  Drew.Rub on September 25th 2014, 9:26 am

    Every possible response I can think of is so highly inappropriate at this point in time.

    **wipes blood from tongue from biting so hard**

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    Re: The Potty Mouth Video Blog

    Post  tmorrill on September 25th 2014, 3:19 pm

    There is not enough therapy in this world (Biblical, secular, electro, chemical, etc etc etc) to figure out what makes you tick. Smile

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    Re: The Potty Mouth Video Blog

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