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    The Crossover Alliance Anthology: Volume One

    Nathan James Norman
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    The Crossover Alliance Anthology: Volume One

    Post  Nathan James Norman on October 3rd 2014, 6:26 pm

    Hey Spirit Bladers! I just wanted to drop a note, that there's a new edgy anthology of short stories available from The Crossover Alliance. You can buy it from Amazon, Barnes and Nobles or get it free (digitally) from smashwords.

    It features a story by our own Travis Morill... also a bunch of other blokes.

    Go here for all the information:!anthology/c22ov bounce

    Here's the rundown:

    Snow and Ash by Nathan James Norman
    Doors of Babel by David N. Alderman
    Broken by Travis Morrill
    If it Causes You to Sin by Jess Hanna
    Blood Ace by Allan and Aaron Reini
    Sanguinem Inimicum by Mark Carver
    Spellbound by Jess Hanna
    Proverbs - A Fairy Tale by Nathan James Norman
    The Spigot by David N. Alderman


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    Re: The Crossover Alliance Anthology: Volume One

    Post  tmorrill on October 7th 2014, 1:18 am

    This is currently free on Amazon Kindle! I'm not sure for how much longer though.

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