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    Gotham tv show


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    Gotham tv show

    Post  mikel.withers on Wed 29 Oct - 8:00

    Okay, guys and gals, as I stated in my intro, I am not a Batman fan. However, I really, really like the Gotham tv show. (Penguin is my favorite character)
    In the multiverse of Christian geek podcasting, I have yet to see a podcast that follows Gotham. There is a pilot review in Helix Reviews, but I'm looking for a more follow-along podcast.
    I figure, if anyone is going to be in the know, it will be this crew.
    So... can anyone point me in a direction?

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    Re: Gotham tv show

    Post  ComiKate on Wed 29 Oct - 15:45

    There's The Gotham Chronicle, they cover each episode.

    Or look for it via iTunes, or your podcast app (I recommend Downcast).

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