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    Dragon Age: Inquisition


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    Dragon Age: Inquisition

    Post  Paeter on November 25th 2014, 10:26 am

    I've put about five more hours into the game since my "Trial And Error" on it.

    Definitely getting a better handle on the combat and enjoying it even more! It's getting easier to switch back and forth between real-time/action and tactical modes, and the exploration potential seems HUUUGE! It may not be an open world game, but just beyond the point to which I played in my video the world blows wide open and suddenly there is a vast open land to explore and numerous quests to pick up no matter where you go.

    Like Skyrim, it's easy to just ignore the main quest if you want and get lost in sidequests. But unlike Skyrim, doing those sidequests has at least a minimal influence on the main story. (Doing sidequests gains you positive influence in that part of the realm, which allows you to have political strength when you are looking to build alliances in the larger game objectives.)

    So far so good!

    Anyone else playing this game or planning to play it?

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