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    Dragon Age Inquisition (A Bumpy Ride)


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    Dragon Age Inquisition (A Bumpy Ride)

    Post  Paeter on February 5th 2015, 1:16 pm

    For anyone considering this game (or buying a SYSTEM to play it on)... wait.

    It's not a bad game. I played it for 100 hours, after all. So it's far from terrible and is in fact good in some important ways. And I was already decided on a PS4, so I'm not regretting that purchase. But if you're thinking of dropping cash for a PS4 or Xbox One to play Inquisition, again, wait...

    BEEEEE-YUUU-tiful game. Exploring it visually is a treat and the atmospheric sound effects sell the experience. Voice acting is great(with one big exception) Combat animations and spell effects, the whole package looks and sounds great!

    But let's rip the bandage off right now as quick as I can: Understanding the story and the main villain's background is dependent upon playing a specific DLC of Dragon Age 2(which I didn't 'cuz that game was a big let-down), and the story itself is super cliche and forgettable. Side quests are the usual run here kill/get this and come back, but are somehow more mechanical and boring than in say Skyrim. (And there is nothing like the guild quests in Skyrim to change your status/position in the world).

    Voice acting is great for all...except your dude, who sounds so "middle of the road non-commital-bland" even when being "passionate" or angry about something, that I just wanted to turn him off and read the lines myself. But that would mean turning everyone else off, too. (MY dream for Kinect-type devices is for RPG gamers to be able to read their choice from a dialogue tree out loud and watch/listen as the characters in game respond. TELL me that wouldn't be AWESOME!!!)

    Tactical mode has an uncooperative camera and you're unable to create a queue of commands for party members, severely limiting your tactical control. In real time, on easier difficulties to try and avoid the tactical system, combat is just a matter of holding down attack. So in the end I found combat unsatisfying much of the time.

    The menu system is very clunky and unintuitive, especially when looking at inventory and comparing what you want to buy/loot with what you have equipped. This sucked all the joy out the loot/upgrade part of the game. Crafting is likewise an unintuitive chore. Alchemy is about collecting ingredients and then giving them to someone else to make potions. No experimenting or potion making yourself. This all led me to look for ways to just unlock better stock in stores and but perks to enhance experience and gold gain.

    In short, I like RPGs to be places I want to inhabit for hours on end for weeks at a time. Inquisition is visually fantastic and sounds great. Making it a nice place to briefly visit... but I wouldn't want to live there. So for me it may be time to sell my house in Skyhold and pack my bags for the world of Shadow Hearts: Covenant!

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