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    Should We Be Afraid Of A.I.?


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    Should We Be Afraid Of A.I.?

    Post  Paeter on March 17th 2015, 3:13 pm

    Any opinions on this? Any additional thoughts that might uniquely reflect your biblical worldview?

    Personally I'm not concerned that A.I. will ever replace or even compete with humans as "living beings". (My thoughts on AI can be found here: Though I suppose there is room to fear that we will put A.I. in charge of important things that a flaw in the software could destroy/disrupt somehow.

    What do YOU think?

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    Re: Should We Be Afraid Of A.I.?

    Post  Changer4 on March 21st 2015, 2:14 pm

    The idea of an AI being able to essentially "pretend" to be on the same level as a human sometimes scares me, but as far as actual thinking like they're sentient human, just don't think it's possible.

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    Re: Should We Be Afraid Of A.I.?

    Post  Rickster on March 21st 2015, 2:58 pm

    Could a demon posse a computer and pretend to be an AI?

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    Re: Should We Be Afraid Of A.I.?

    Post  mikel.withers on March 21st 2015, 10:32 pm

    Several years ago I took an online college class on "The future of humanity", run by a woman who I am pretty sure was all into transhumanism. I learned some interesting things in the class, but mostly it got me a "science" credit and that is all it was good for.

    I don't think we really need to worry about AI for a couple reasons. First reason, think of how dependent such a thing would be on updates, de-bugging, DLC and the like. Chances are some super-intelligent AI would fail because of some programmer with a grudge making it want to say "my boss is a jerk" or simple inept programming. Second reason: I think the future of computing is in human-computer interface, not independent computing. I'm guessing that rather than set up a super-powerful computer that can "think" on its own, anyone with the dough to put into such a product is going to want a system that they can use. Third, Although I am of the opinion that a computer could have a soul, I don't think it is going to happen. I don't think an artificial construct will ever have the spark of life that allows for true independent thought. Fourth: Let's say for sake of argument that you make a processor that makes the human brain look like a pocket calculator... that the galaxy, or even the universe is able to be simulated thousands of times a second by this computer, and that it is conscious. If you could "live" in your own world, that operates completely by your rules, how much of this world would YOU be interested in? Now, if you could live through from the Big Bang to the Gib Gnab, or the heat death of the universe a thousand times a day, how long would you bother with this incredibly slow analog world outside your computation? (I pointed out this last concept to my class and turned some of them from "some day, we'll upload ourselves onto computers and be like gods" to "oh well, it was a cool idea")

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    Re: Should We Be Afraid Of A.I.?

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