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    Opinion on Bloodborne?



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    Opinion on Bloodborne?

    Post  Changer4 on April 11th 2015, 6:08 pm

    Bloodborne seems to be the game of the hour lately, has anyone actually played it?   I enjoyed Dark Souls so I've been debating buying it, but I was wondering if anyone else has first and what they're opinions on it were, especially since I've never been fond of overly dark setting, excessive gore, or horror stories, all of which seem to describe Bloodborne.

    Another point of note is that one of the reviews I've read said that the game's "Christian themes were undeniable", which caught me completely by surprise.  I'm wondering if he actually meant what he said,  i.e. that Bloodborne is full of themes which seem derived from or supporting those found in the Gospels (what I'm hoping for), or if he was actually just referring to the Church of that fictional setting bearing similarities to the overly corrupt days of the Catholic Church (what will likely result in me having to slog through the story for the gameplay if I do buy it, and when it gets much cheaper at that).

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    Re: Opinion on Bloodborne?

    Post  Paeter on April 27th 2015, 8:43 pm

    Can't help with your questions. But I have played the game a little. Here are the pathetic results...

    And here's the uncut play session...

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