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    BEAST (Excerpt) - Untold Podcast 34

    Nathan James Norman
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    BEAST (Excerpt) - Untold Podcast 34

    Post  Nathan James Norman on April 20th 2015, 8:31 pm

    I have committed myself and the Untold Podcast to produce a series of three excerpts from the upcoming Crossover Alliance catalog of releases.
    We're doing this to highlight all the great stories The Crossover Alliance is trying to release via the Kickstarter campaign.

    We had some great initial interest, but to be honest, this last week has not seen much activity.
    If you are so inclined... even to just commit $5, $15, or $25, we'd appreciate your support.

    You can listen to the first excerpt from BEAST by Mark Carver here:

    You can see the Kickstarter page here:

    Thank you for your support in bringing edgy, Christ-centered stories to readers.

    Because of Jesus,

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