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    The Crossover Alliance Indiegogo Campaign

    David N. Alderman

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    The Crossover Alliance Indiegogo Campaign

    Post  David N. Alderman on June 22nd 2015, 10:48 am

    Many of you know now that I've been in plans to start a publishing company that specializes in more real-world Christian speculative fiction. I launched a Kickstarter campaign last month to raise money to cover our first year's expenses, but the campaign didn't reach goal. I'm now in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign this month that could use a bit of love. If you guys have a second, please check out our campaign and pledge if you see worth in what we're doing.

    Indiegogo is set up differently from Kickstarter in that Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing crowdfunding platform - meaning you have to earn your entire goal amount or you get none of it - while Indiegogo will reward me with whatever pledges that I get, even if I don't make goal. And, we have a very generous supporter who has agreed to match donations dollar-for-dollar up to $1500, meaning every dollar that is pledged is doubled.

    While our Kickstarter had a lot of physical prizes, we've stuck with digital for the Indiegogo, and you can score yourself an entire digital subscription to our first year's publishing catalog just by pledging certain amounts.

    If anything, please at least keep this endeavor in prayer. The last day to pledge is this coming Friday at midnight.

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