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    Could We Finally Be Getting A GOOD Dungeons And Dragons Movie?


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    Could We Finally Be Getting A GOOD Dungeons And Dragons Movie?

    Post  Paeter on August 6th 2015, 1:35 pm

    Just saw this article:

    Looks like this property might finally get quality treatment from top to bottom! But what in the world will it look like?

    Even in a single campaign setting or adventure, different groups play D&D for different reasons, and the WAY they play makes D&D uniquely defined to each group. Some groups get very violent, or have a GM who likes describing gory details of combat. But I highly doubt this movie will be R. Other groups start with heroes and quickly dissolve into hilarious villainy in the chase after XP. (See "Knights Of The Dinner Table".)

    Personally, I might like them to try something totally original, and NOT make just a great fantasy movie.

    What *I* might love is a story that goes back and forth between the lives of players and the adventures of their characters, as the camera zooms down to the graph paper and minis which then morph into a fully realized fantasy world and story, complete with both serious moments and meta-humor. If they did it right, they could tell a unique character story about those who play the game, and mix that with an awesome epic fantasy.

    Problem with that is budgeting time. It's an idea that would work better in a TV series than a movie. A 2-hour time limit would probably force too much time for one "world" or the other.

    Chances are what we'll really get will just be an attempt at a serious fantasy story in the Forgotten Realms setting with some light humor now and then, with a much bigger budget and hopefully better acting than in previous D&D films. Could be great, could be awful.

    But I'll be honest. There is a horrible shortage of serious/adult fantasy movies, and I'll probably gobble up whatever they give me and just try to ignore the cheese.

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