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    Mad Max Fury Road... Yep! Still Awesome!


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    Mad Max Fury Road... Yep! Still Awesome!

    Post  Paeter on September 3rd 2015, 10:08 am

    Just watched Fury Road again last night for the first time since the theater, and this time with Holly (wife) who was watching it for the first time.

    Anyone else watch this again recently? Or maybe for the first time now that it's on home video? Curious what you guys think of it!!

    Since I knew something of what I was in for the near-constant action pace was not as overwhelming as it was on the first viewing, but there were still many intense moments that still had impact, even when I knew they were coming. (Except the first 60 seconds which I MISSED in theaters due to being sent to the wrong auditorium! Grr...)

    I also chose to watch it without subtitles (for my wife's sake), but already look forward to another viewing with subtitles. The dialogue is often not given priority in the mix and characters are also using very alien expressions that suggest a very deeply thought-out world and culture. I can't wait to be able to clearly understand what everyone is saying and have an additional layer to be absorbed in as I try to understand this world.

    I think I noticed more blue screen backgrounds on this viewing than in the theater, but the enormous amount of practical stunts is still captivating to watch.

    Character designs are still unsettling to look at and I think I felt for the protagonists even more deeply this time around as they watched their hopes dissolve.

    Intentional or not, this movie has so much to say about who we are and it does it in such an emotionally compelling way in addition to given you plenty of reason to think and analyze.

    Man, I'm even MORE ready to get back into the Mad Max video game now!

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