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    Red Dwarf: Terrorform - Rimmer's personal hell


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    Red Dwarf: Terrorform - Rimmer's personal hell

    Post  UKSteve on September 9th 2015, 7:39 am

    I just posted the latest segment of my great Red Dwarf re-watch on my blog, and the question of philosophical/spiritual relevance that it brought to mind was this:

    Is Hell like being stuck with your own worst character traits forever?

    There's a quick precis of the story on the blog, but as a really super quick precis, that's what happens to Rimmer: he is imprisoned to be tortured by his own self-loathing - presumably, being a hologram, forever - and the only way he can escape is by believing that the rest of the crew love him.

    So just throwing that out there for anyone who remembers or has access to the episode to give their thoughts on, either here or comment on the blog if you wish Smile

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