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    The Theology of Red Dwarf


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    The Theology of Red Dwarf

    Post  UKSteve on January 8th 2016, 6:38 am

    Those of you who like your sci-fi with a side order of British humour will be aware of Red Dwarf (or if you're not, you should be!)

    You may even be aware that I've had an occasional series on my blog reviewing the earlier episodes as I watch them again (Re-Dwarf: The Great Red Dwarf Re-watch) and occasionally I've pointed out some of the aspects of moral, theological or philosophical interest (to borrow something I may have heard on a podcast somewhere).

    I'm contemplating expanding on some of these thoughts and compiling them in book format, so I'm throwing this question out to you guys, as Christian geeks are the sort of people who might enjoy such a book.

    What format would you be more likely to read and enjoy for something like this:

    • Chapters looking at specific episodes (similar to my existing blog posts but less review and more 'God slot'); or
    • More thematic chapters, following a thread (such as Silicon Heaven or Rimmer's extreme legalism) through a number of episodes.

    The episodic format has several advantages for me as author, and could be used as a sort of Bible study to follow watching the episode in question, but a thematic approach would probably allow for more depth (and potentially less repetition).

    Anyway, I'd be happy to hear any thoughts anyone has on the subject Smile

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    Re: The Theology of Red Dwarf

    Post  ComiKate on January 9th 2016, 7:49 pm

    i loved Red Dwarf back in the day! Though I haven't seen every single episode I enjoyed almost every one I did see.

    So cool you're going to write/publish a book! Many props for you for that!
    In the spirit of honesty though, I'm not sure I would read a book about a television series the way you are proposing (unless Red Dwarf happened to be my One True Passionate Fandom), but if I would, I would prefer the second angle.

    Mainly because then I wouldn't have to rewatch everything - which the first approach would probably (implicitly) call on me to do if I'm to really follow the story (or themes) the book was exploring.


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    Re: The Theology of Red Dwarf

    Post  AdamCollings on January 10th 2016, 4:09 pm

    Ah yes, Red Dwarf.

    On one level, the thematic approach would probably be better for more serious study, but then that's not necessarily what you go to a book like this for. The episodic approach would be fun.

    Maybe you could begin with an introductory section that examines the main broad themes and then go into each episode individually (giving brief synopses of the episode in case people haven't seen it or have forgotten).

    A book that I've read along slightly similar lines to this is God on the Streets of Gotham by Paul Asay. From memory, this followed the more thematic approach.

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    Re: The Theology of Red Dwarf

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