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    Setting Confirmed (almost) for new Star Trek TV Series


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    Setting Confirmed (almost) for new Star Trek TV Series

    Post  AdamCollings on April 13th 2016, 8:26 pm

    Kayla Iacoviono - TrekMovie.Com wrote:CBS’s new Star Trek television series, which will be aired exclusively on the network’s new online streaming platform All Access, is rumored to be set in the time period between the original series film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, BirthMoviesDeath is reporting. What’s more: it won’t be set in the JJ-verse timeline.

    So this is interesting. We've been wondering for a while what universe this would be set in. (JJverse, Prime timeline, or new rebooted canon). Given it will sit between Star Trek 6 and TNG, it would appear that the show is set in the prime timeline.

    This is pretty cool. The prime timeline is where we all fell in love with Star Trek. The gap between ST6 and TNG (approx 70 years) is wide open. There are a few established events in here but not many.

    As pointed out in the article, the downside of setting the story here, is that it constrains things (they can't make changes that would conflict with canon of any 24th century stories.)
    Should be very interesting though.

    The even bigger news is the suggestion that it will be what they're calling an "anthology show". Meaning season 1 is set in this time period, but season 2 may be set in a different time. Perhaps a completely different story? Does that mean a different cast each season? Will these stories be tied together? Thematically? with actual plot threads? Mabe a common villain? The possibilities are great fuel for the imagination.

    Thing are about to get very interesting!


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    Re: Setting Confirmed (almost) for new Star Trek TV Series

    Post  jazzact13 on April 13th 2016, 11:08 pm

    I've come to think that Star Trek was smart to set TNG essentially two generations ahead (70 or so years) of the original series, especially considering how much of a mess the Star Wars novels became. TNG being so far in the future meant the people behind the series didn't have to essentially kill off old favorite characters, they were either already gone or were so old they couldn't remain full-time personnel anyway. I guess the extreme reaction to the death of Chewbacca kept further SW writers from wanting to remove other characters from the movies, but the just meant the new characters got stuck in secondary roles or got killed off instead.

    Maybe going back to that gap between the original and TNG can be pulled off now. The original characters are not so sacrosanct anymore. It would be good to see how, for example, the Klingons go from being enemies in the original to allies in TNG.

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