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    my story is free for a few days


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    my story is free for a few days

    Post  jazzact13 on April 20th 2016, 12:43 am

    The book is called "Manipulations", and it's a part of a fantasy series about shape shifters. It's available as a Kindle e-book for free for a few days. Here's the blurb for it.

    The city of Akbarra is threatened by bizarre and macabre creatures from The Tainted Land, and looks to The Talla Empire for help. Many kingdoms and nations gather together to establish peace and unite to face the threat from The Tainted Land. The culminating event of this gathering is the marriage between Daron Eventide, step-son of the brother of the Emperor of Talla, and the Akbarran Princess Larianin.

    The personal servant to Princess Larianin, Tivna is pulled along in the events of her lady’s marriage. In Jaron Eventide, the twin brother of the princess’ betrothed, she finds a man more interested in what he can give than in anything he can take from her. With the not-so-subtle prodding of those around them, Jaron and Tivna come to care strongly for each other.

    But there are those who want conquest, not peace, and Tivna has already become one of their pawns. They have made her into a shapeshifting creature that cannot be harmed by blades or arrows, and that they can control at will. They see the princess’s wedding as the ideal time to strike against their enemies, and Tivna is one of their weapons.

    If you give it a shot, I hope you enjoy it, and any feedback would be welcomed.

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