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    new book released, free download

    Post  mindspike on September 18th 2010, 3:30 pm

    The Christian New Media Group has dedicated its 2010 podcasting year to raising support and awareness for Compassion International, a non-profit children's relief organization. As part of that initiative, Critical Press Media and a team of authors has published "The Least of These", an anthology, as a Critical Press Benefit Book. This book is available as a free download or print edition at

    The book treats the teaching of Jesus that service rendered to those in need is actually service rendered to the Lord, drawing inspiration from the Book of Matthew, chapter 25. The anthology includes devotionals, essays, and short fiction in genres ranging from sci-fi to romance. Show your support and download your copy today, send the authors some feedback, and donate to Compassion International through Critical Press Media.

    Stories include:

    Six flash fiction pieces by Justin Lowmaster, treating each of the principle project themes in a different and visionary manner.

    "Adventures on the Atomic Earth: Deedee's Tale" by Winston Crutchfield. When a little girl befriends a baby dinosaur, trouble follows both of them home.

    "Lemonade Stand" by Hazel Reed Cotharn. Two boys set up a lemonade stand in front of their home, only to get sidetracked when an Air Force pilot falls from the sky and into their yard.

    "Waking Up With a Bump" by Philip Carroll. When a scouting mission to an alien planet goes horribly wrong, the mission commander finds himself stranded on a world he doesn't understand.

    "The Bitter Drink" by Nathan James Norman. Faced with emotional and social crisis at the church where he works as a youth pastor, one man finds his own salvation in the least likeliest of places.

    "Tide Haven" by Kelsey Felder. Returning home to find her children kidnapped by slavers, a young woman takes up arms in a desperate attempt to rally their rescue.

    "Ole Melindy and Momma" by Drucella Crutchfield. A non-fiction piece, Drucella draws from her own poignant memories of southwest Louisiana to highlight the love and power of scripture.

    "A Moment of Crisis" by Andrew Crutchfield. Two paramedics race to rescue after rescue, only to find their most important tasks have little to do with saving lives.

    "The Conversation" by Deborah Caligiuri. When two very different people come to visit the same prison inmate for two very different reasons, both of their lives change as a result of a single conversation.

    With a Foreword by David Crutchfield, and an Afterword by Matthew Hurley, "The Least of These" is an engrossing and touching collection of works that will lead you to reconsider your own acts of ministry and kindness in light of a God who needs nothing from us, and desires everything we can give.

    Get your DRM-free digital download from the Critical Press Media website in popular e-book formats, purchase a printed copy from, and show your support for these authors' hard work to benefit a great cause.

    Critical Press Media is not associated with Compassion International.

    Authors on this forum, sound off!

    -Winston Crutchfield
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