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    Off-Grid Till August 8th


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    Off-Grid Till August 8th

    Post  Paeter on July 27th 2016, 1:14 pm

    Well after weeks of stress leading to the release of "A World Of Shadows" and a sudden cluster of stress inducers that hit nearly all at once last week... I need a break! (Also have a camping trip and college retreat on my calendar next week.)

    Doing fine but super-pooped, and for the sake of my work at both Spirit Blade Productions and Christian Geek Central I'm taking some much needed time off-grid. I'll still be putting the usual content out when you'd expect, but I won't be on the forums or available by any other form of online or offline communication until Monday August 8th. I don't usually go this dark when I get off-grid, but this time around I think I need it.

    We've got great mods here and Tim O'Donnell, the general admin for CGC, can help you with any time-sensitive or urgent stuff that might potentially come up while I'm away. Keep things fun and active while I'm gone and I'll look forward to catching up when I'm back!

    Love you guys and what we have in this community! I'll miss you and will look forward to reconnecting on the 8th!

    Take care,


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