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    Wolverines !!!


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    Wolverines !!!

    Post  mikel.withers on November 3rd 2016, 11:51 am

    So despite, or maybe to spite, the recommendation that I avoid the Marvel series entitled "Wolverines", I recently read through it.
    And because I'm not a review artist, I guess I'll put my thoughts of it down here.

    Time-after the death of Wolverine. These people who were made by a Weapon X project scientist who got killed have a genetic time bomb that will kill them within a year. So they kidnap some of Wolverine's old enemies who have a healing factor in an attempt to use that healing factor to heal them... or get something to heal them... (the author doesn't make it clear enough for me to quite understand the reasoning). Those "Wolverines" are:
    Mystique- who is on a personal mission to return her late lover Destiny to life (retcon)
    Sabertooth- who no longer wants to kill (unless Ben Reilly is involved, I guess)
    Lady Deathstrike- who is a fair representation of the LD we all love and loathe.
    Daken-who is some child of Wolverine's from the 40's?
    X23-who I'm told is a female clone of Wolverine
    The "Paradise" kidnappers are
    Shogun-who has the spirit of the demon Ogun stuck in his head
    Fantomelle-who can move through six dimensions and is addicted to stealing with her psychically bound fox pal
    Other guys who the authors didn't bother to flesh out enough to make me remember them

    SO how do you rate a comic book? I'll rate on a school-grade scale
    Art: B+ Most of the art is A or A+ but it is so inconsistent between issues (with different artists half the time) that the sum of the parts is less than the whole.
    Story: C- It isn't a fail, but it is unfocused and scattered.
    Dialog: C+ I could follow it, but some of it was just dumb.
    Characters: C- Hard to rate it well, with so many new characters who don't get fleshed out, and one of the characters I do know, Sabertooth, being so very ...well, word of the day: inconsistent

    So how do you rate a piece of literature? I'll try a system from the podcast and their reasons that people read books.
    Escape: B- It kind of draws you in, but is too scatter-brained to do it well
    Learning: C Maybe I learned something about the present state of the Marvel Universe, but what I did learn was like Paeter's editing skills.
    Entertainment: B I was curious enough to see where it was going to keep at it, and there were a couple surprises that made it worth reading.

    Overall: B- I wouldn't spend money on it, but if you have Marvel Unlimited or find it at your local library, I think it is worth your time.

    I hope I gave you enough to know whether you'd find it interesting or not, but I've left out some of the important details so it wont feel like a re-read.

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