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    March Comes in Like a Lion--midseason plug



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    March Comes in Like a Lion--midseason plug

    Post  jazzact13 on November 23rd 2016, 1:00 am

    Rei Kiriyama is a high school student who is also a professional shogi player. His closest friends are a family of three sisters who live with their grandfather and two cats. His friendship with them helps him as he struggles with something that happened in his past that continues to eat at his will to go on.

    The series so far is very good, I've liked it a lot. It can be slow at times, and focuses a lot on Rei's inner struggles. The mood changes can be very drastic, changing quickly from somber and introverted to manic and almost slapstick comedy. Most of the emotional stuff has been low-key so far, except for the ending of episode 3, which went straight to ripping your heart out and shredding it.

    It also gives some interesting glimpses into Japanese life. From watching Hikaru no Go, I had the idea that the Japanese view youth being professionals in games like go and shogi very differently then people in the US do in sports and games. The fact the Rei, still in high school and in his middle teens, can be a professional shogi player and live alone in an apartment he rents with money he earns playing shogi, is a great departure from anything I can think any US high school students might do, at least not without someone thinking it horrible and that the US student is simply growing up too fast and isn't ready for that kind of responsibility and so on.

    Btw shogi is a board game that looks like it's comparable to chess, two evenly matched armies facing each other across the game board. I don't know the rules to it very well, but I do know there are some great differences between it and chess, as well as some similarities. But you don't need to understand the game to follow the series.

    So, give the series a try, and share your thoughts if you like it or not.

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