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    New SBU Episode Delayed Until Monday (Dec. 5th)


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    New SBU Episode Delayed Until Monday (Dec. 5th)

    Post  Paeter on December 2nd 2016, 9:26 pm

    Some car trouble took some time out of my schedule this week, so although most of the new episode is recorded it will not be edited and released until Monday. The text version of "In Search Of Truth" will still post on Sunday Dec. 4th at

    Also, a time-sensitive heads up that I mention in the new ep but will be outdated by the time it posts on Monday: One of my favorite RPGs of all time, "Neverwinter Nights", is free for 24 hours at! Check it out if you remotely enjoy RPG video games!

    Sorry for the delay. Thanks for your patience and I look forward to blabbing at you on Monday!

    -Paeter Frandsen

    -Seek The Truth!

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