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    Dungeons & Dragons comics

    Post  mindspike on March 28th 2017, 4:47 pm

    So I'm starting a new segment for the podcast, with accompanying articles on the blog so I can add pictures. I was going to hold this one until the podcast segment containing it drops, but.....

    Comixiology has marked all of the D&D books 60% off for the next three days. Get. Them. Now. This is top notch stuff.

    My segment focuses on the most recent work by Jim Zub, specifically Legends of Baldur's Gate and Shadows of the Vampire. I also recommend the Fell's Five books: Shadowplague, First Encounters, and Down. I got my books from Humble Bundle, so they're in PDF format. I'm seriously considering buying them again while on sale so I can have Comixology's guided reading. So the article is posted on the blog at Christian Geek Central, or if you'd rather wait for the audio segment it will be on the podcast soon. But this opportunity was too good to miss and I had to put the word out.

    Once you've read them or if you have questions, fire away right here.

    The panel where the dwarven paladin talks about faith is from Shadowplague. It really sold me on that story and the way faith could be perceived by people who have a pseudo-Christian or pseudo-spiritual view of the world.

    Khal Khalundurrin, Dwarven Paladin wrote:Bah. Faith is never easy. Faith without doubt is meaningless. And doubt is a hard master.

    -Winston Crutchfield
    "The rational mind is dangerous; the Christian mind is devastating."
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