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    How Well Can You Predict What You'll Like?


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    How Well Can You Predict What You'll Like?

    Post  Paeter on June 2nd 2017, 8:53 am

    Will be heading out to watch Wonder Woman in a few hours and noticed that it's been doing very well with critics, which has me wondering if I'll dislike it. (Critics and I often seem to go different ways.) But battling this is my impressions from the trailers, which have been very positive. For awhile now, I've been getting better at figuring out if I'll at least dislike a movie based on the trailer. And a good amount of the time I can tell if I will like a movie based only on the trailer. But trailers aren't enough for me yet to know if I will LOVE a movie.

    Despite trailers often being deceptive, I've found they usually tell me enough about the tone and drive of the movie for me to know roughly how I'll feel about it.

    I'm curious if you guys have any degree of success, using only promotional materials, not reviews, in predicting whether or not you will like a book, game, comic series, movie, etc.

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    Re: How Well Can You Predict What You'll Like?

    Post  mikel.withers on June 2nd 2017, 10:10 am

    "LIKE"? Yeah, probably.
    If I am going to see a movie in a theater, then I'm usually saving my money for a "spectacle" that makes the big screen experience worth the extra money.
    I'm not an "early adopter" so I don't see the value in watching drama or comedy in a theater, but an action extravaganza with 'splosions and flashing lights and movement is better when it is bigger.

    So... yes, in general a trailer will tell me whether or not I will enjoy the theater experience. But not it I will like the movie itself.
    As for books, longevity piques my interest, if there isn't a trilogy, I'm probably not going to read/listen to it unless word of mouth is phenomenal. Speaking of listening rather than reading a book, I like certain narrators and their ability can make a book worth listening to...or ruin a good book, so the "sample" button is really important to me. I guess that might apply.

    Video games. Well, I'd still be playing a handful of 8-bit NES games if I could do so ethically. The handful of games I do play get hundreds or thousands of hours of my time. A game that has 12 hours of gameplay, or a 4 minute speed run isn't something I'm interested in. However, I can generally tell if I will like a game based on the trailers and/or still shots of the game. I'm very particular, so a first person shooter probably isn't going on my "wishlist" and even "grand strategy" has to be of a certain vein. In fact, I'd say that the trailers and screen shots are very good at predicting if I'll like a video game.

    Comic books come down to the art, for the most part. I read a buddy's Wolverine book where the art was all scribbly and chaotic, and that style ruined whatever the book was about for me. Steranko is borderline for me, but modern, computerized styles are too clean for my taste.

    So, in general, I'd say-yes.

    However, an atheist friend of mine, and his friend went to see Silence expecting an action movie where Liam Neeson gets rescued, with lots of samurai fighting. So... we can definitely allow our preconceptions cloud our judgement.
    I guess I'd say it is best to get several data points before predicting.

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