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    Let There Be Weekend! (What Do You Usually Do?)


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    Let There Be Weekend! (What Do You Usually Do?)

    Post  Paeter on August 18th 2017, 8:36 am

    Just curious if anyone has a "usual" regarding weekend activities?

    On the weekend nights Holly and I will sometimes watch a movie together or 1-2 eps of a sitcom. Otherwise we just do our own things.

    Saturdays I do the grocery shopping and in season we go to the boys' soccer games. Aside from that we all just lounge around at home. The boys have taken to making videos for "youtube" lately. (I put it in quotes because although they technically have a channel, none of the videos they upload are ever made public.) So they each get some time to be in my office recording and playing games, which they really love.

    Sunday mornings are at church, and now and then we'll get lunch with some other people afterward. Then the rest of Sunday is much like Saturday.

    We've been swimming a good amount during the summer (our new house came with a pool, as is very common in AZ), but we otherwise don't go out much.

    How about you?

    -Seek The Truth!
    Reed Benson

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    Re: Let There Be Weekend! (What Do You Usually Do?)

    Post  Reed Benson on August 18th 2017, 9:52 am

    During the semester, my Saturdays are generally my busiest work days, and they usually follow the same pattern. I get up and eat breakfast, then take a taxi to the school so I can be there in time to teach at 8:30. I have classes until 4:00 (starting this semester), and then I usually hang around the office until dinner time. After I eat something, I walk to a local coffee shop for their weekly English Corner (an informal get-together of anyone who wants to practice their English with native speakers like me). I usually leave around 8:00, take the subway to a bus, and take the bus home.

    After all that, I'm often pretty wiped out on Sunday, so I usually spend the morning relaxing while my wife goes to work (boo). I go to the bilingual service at church right after lunch. Since I take the bus, I like to listen to the podcast of the most recent sermon from my church in America on the way. Then, after church, I usually listen to the latest Spirit Blade Underground Podcast on the way home. After that, I usually veg out on YouTube, Netflix, or with a book until my wife comes home for dinner and we watch a few episodes of whatever show we're on.

    Mondays are often my other "weekend" day, but those don't usually follow a pattern. Sometimes I stay home all day, sometimes I go out to run errands or visit parts of the city I don't get to frequent. My wife is usually working (her days off are constantly changing), but if she's lucky enough to be off that day, we try to do something she wants to do.

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    Re: Let There Be Weekend! (What Do You Usually Do?)

    Post  AdamCollings on August 18th 2017, 9:31 pm


    I wash clothes
    I dry clothes
    I sort clothes
    I stack the diswasher
    I unstack the dishwasher
    I catch up on website work for a Christian Writers organisation I'm a member of
    I try to get a bit of writing done (or at least something book-business related)
    I yell at the kids
    One weekend a month I spend a large chunk of a Saturday filming and editing my bulletin video
    I buy groceries
    I scream at the kids
    Church on Sunday morning (every 3 or so weeks I am behind the video switching desk)

    Ok, I do spend some time resting. I might play a game on the PS3 or read for a while
    Sometimes we will actually go into town on Saturday and have a sit-down meal somewhere as a family (if my wife isn't working)
    Though I'll often get to the end of the weekend and tell my wife "I'm ready for a weekend now"

    I remember once, I was at a week-long training course. One day, the teacher was saying "Oh, there's just nothing to do on the weekends in Sydney. Most Saturdays I end up at the cinema watching a movie". I remember shaking my head and thinking "Don't you do housework? How I'd love the time and money to go to the cinema every week!"

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    Re: Let There Be Weekend! (What Do You Usually Do?)

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