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    Something You "Rediscovered" Or Enjoyed More The Second Time


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    Something You "Rediscovered" Or Enjoyed More The Second Time

    Post  Paeter on October 9th 2017, 12:27 pm

    Been in between games that are really igniting my excitement for a little while and re-installed "Sacred 2: Fallen Angel" over the weekend. Choppy frame rate and potentially repetitious. But holy crap, WOW.

    Don't know what happened, but it just came to life for me over the weekend. I started understanding more of how the skill tree and looting/crafting systems work and that just fired me up for that progression loop. And unlike many modern Diablo clones, this one is a VAST open world instead of broken up areas, and also involves combat with fewer enemies that individually pack punch, rather than an almost RTS-like "swarm" of enemies in each combat situation. SO cool. It reminds me of Two Worlds a bit in that it's definitely rough around the edges but has game play I really enjoy.

    And it only took putting it down for 2-3 years to fall in love with it!

    So can you think of anything you tried and put down for a long time, only to discover you LOVED it when you tried it again years later? What do you love about it that you didn't see or appreciate the first time?

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