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    Tarantino Trek


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    Tarantino Trek

    Post  AdamCollings on December 27th 2017, 7:02 pm

    So, over the last few weeks, Quentin Tarantino has been pitching a story idea for a new Star Trek film to JJ Abrams. A writer is now attached to the project and Tatantino has said that he "wants to direct".

    I haven't seen any of Tarantino's films, but I'm thinking that maybe I should check out a couple at this point. It sounds like he has his own distinct style, which may result in a very different sort of Trek.

    Interesting times.
    Reed Benson

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    Re: Tarantino Trek

    Post  Reed Benson on December 29th 2017, 4:50 am

    Quentin Tarantino and Star Trek are two things I never thought I'd hear coupled together. Tarantino's films are so violent and profane, I wouldn't think anyone with any control over Star Trek would want him anywhere near it. And I wouldn't think of him as much of a fan, either.

    I've seen both Kill Bill films, Inglourious Basterds, and Sin City (which he partially directed). I can't really recommend any of them because the language is so bad and they're quite bloody.

    But I do like the style of Sin City, black and white with a few colors thrown in. A lot of the shots were directly adapted from the comics they were based on. Plus, it's an anthology, so there are multiple stories. This used to be one of my favorite movies, but I worry about the effect violence in films has on me nowadays.

    Inglourious Basterds has a lot of tension and probably one of the greatest villains in film history. The dialogue (in multiple languages) is also very good when it doesn't rely on cursing and crude references. So many scenes are masterful, and yet several aspects of the story depress me and make it hard for me to rewatch the whole film.

    I don't think I would like the Kill Bill films if I watched them again. I used to love the cartoonish violence of the first one, and I was disappointed that it didn't continue into the second one, which is more about talking. But my sensibilities have changed.

    All this to say...I worry that a Tarantino trek would come off as more of a parody than anything else.

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    Re: Tarantino Trek

    Post  jorowi on January 2nd 2018, 9:46 am

    Hmmm…Tarantino's direction and concepts are superb. I have to agree that the language and violence do tend to be over the top. If something like this does happen, I'd imagine he would provide an outline and scriptwriters would flesh out the details.


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    Re: Tarantino Trek

    Post  Paeter on January 8th 2018, 2:42 pm

    Inglorious Bastards was the first Tarantino film (aside from maybe Jango Unchained) that had extended dialogue that I thought helped the movie rather than take away from it. He can easily write scenes that just feel like self-indulgent chatting about nothing to me. But I think he's a skilled director in other ways and could maybe do something interesting that would continue to set the films apart from the (now returned) TV show. Treks for everyone! Yay!

    -Seek The Truth!

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    Re: Tarantino Trek

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