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    The SBU Alliance

    Post  Paeter on July 2nd 2010, 1:32 pm

    The Spirit Blade Underground Alliance is a group of creative types who combine their efforts to create sci-fi, fantasy and horror entertainment that in some way draws audiences closer to Biblical truth.

    Unlike other projects developed on these forums, Spirit Blade Underground Alliance projects are directly affiliated with and supported by Spirit Blade Productions.

    These projects can take a direct approach to Biblical themes, like the Spirit Blade Trilogy, or a more subtle approach where philosophical ideas and symbolism take the place of direct Biblical reference. Although all Alliance projects will be driven by a Biblical, Christian philosophy, those participating in Alliance projects are in no way required to be Christians or to share a particular worldview.

    For now, The Alliance is primarily developing audio fiction. Material created by The Alliance is not sold and will be published by Spirit Blade Productions under a Creative Commons License. Alliance projects are available to download for free at

    Paeter Frandsen will serve as a producer for each project developed, helping all involved to unite their efforts and produce the very best material they can. Everyone involved, including Paeter, participates on a volunteer basis, with no monetary compensation for work. However, all will be given credit for their work, and it is assumed that writers retain their copyright for any written material used in Alliance projects. (However they will need to grant Paeter Frandsen the right to produce their work as a Spirit Blade Underground Alliance project and to release the audio project based on their written material under a Creative Commons License.)

    To Join The Spirit Blade Underground Alliance, send a Private Message to Paeter in the forums for information about current needs. He will then connect you to any opportunities available.


    Anyone who would like to submit material for The Alliance should e-mail Paeter Frandsen at paeter(at)spiritblade(dot)net. Please DO NOT send any attachments that have a combined total larger than 1MB. For larger files, please use a file transfer service.

    By contributing to any aspect of a Spirit Blade Underground Alliance production, you agree to allow Paeter Frandsen to publish the final product under the following Creative Commons License:

    All appropriate copyrights remain with their owners.

    The following positions constitute a full team for audio production in The Alliance. You may express interest in one or as many as you’d like, and may even serve in more than one capacity at the same time if you are confident your schedule allows for it.


    If you would like to submit a script or short story for consideration as an Alliance project, simply e-mail it to the address listed above. We're interested in all genres of speculative fiction. Once Paeter has read the script he will let you know whether or not it is something that will work for the Alliance to produce. If your script fits the quality and thematic requirements for an Alliance project, Paeter will get back to you and begin submitting notes for editing and polishing your script for production. This will involve continued correspondence between you both until we have a version of your script that we are both happy to see produced. During this process you are not obligated to The Spirit Blade Underground Alliance in any way and may "pull out" at any time and whether your script is produced or not, you still retain the copyright for the script.  

    Once this process is finished and your script gets the "green light" from Paeter, it will be presented to the Directors currently volunteering at The Alliance and will be produced if/when a director expresses interest and wishes to direct the project.

    Please note that by submitting a script for consideration and not withdrawing it from consideration before it is given final approval for production, you grant permission for Paeter Frandsen to publish an audio dramatization of your script under the following Creative Commons License:

    As a reminder, you still retain the copyright for your script.

    Unless you have direct permission from the holder of material under copyright, we will not produce any "fan-fiction" or similar material. We are especially interested in completely original material that in some way points to Biblical truth, either directly or thematically.


    Since the artist mixing an audio project has a great deal of control over the final product as a whole, in most cases the director and the audio mixer will be the same person. If you are interested in mixing or directing an audio project for The Alliance, please send Paeter an e-mail with any credits you have received for mixing audio or directing (even for live theater or other forms of direction.) If you have been involved as a mixer or director on a previous audio project, an audio clip or link to that project’s website would be very helpful. (Please remember the 1MB limit and utilize a file transfer service.)

    Having no prior experience in mixing or directing will in NO WAY rule you out for consideration(most involved here are first-timers!), but it will allow us to look for projects to match you with that can serve as a good starting point. If you would prefer to only mix or only direct, please indicate this in your e-mail so that we can match you up with the right project and people.

    The Mixer also supplies all sound effects and music for the audio production. So the role of Mixer requires access to sound effects and music for which you PERSONALLY own the license, or for which licensing is not required. You hold the sole responsibility for any legal ramifications if you use sound effects illegally and by participating in the Spirit Blade Underground Alliance you agree to not hold anyone but yourself responsible for your use of sound effects and music. We know this can be limiting, but we want to make sure that in every respect we are acting in accordance with and respect for the law. (Romans 13:1-7)

    Because of the personal investment often involved in obtaining sound effects and music, a mixer who owns the license for any of the sound effects used in the final product will be given a producer credit. If you would like to be considered for this position on an Alliance project, please e-mail Paeter.

    Composer- Most often, we are able to find stock music sources for Alliance projects. But if you are a composer and would like to compose or draw attention to your existing music for an Alliance project, please e-mail Paeter.

    Visual Artist-

    Every project created by The Alliance will need a logo or "CD cover" image to accompany it on the web. No specific art style is required for this. The chief aim will be to have art that conveys the overall "feel" of the project it represents, along with text that appropriately identifies the project. Please submit art samples or your website link to Paeter via e-mail.


    We hope to have many opportunities for actors of all skill levels and would love to get an audition from you, whether you're a seasoned pro or brand new to voice acting!

    Actors are invited to send an audio demo of their previous voice work to Paeter any time using a file transfer service, though most involved here are first-timers, so no demos are required.

    Spirit Blade Productions audition notices and Alliance audition notices will both be posted on the forums. If you are unable to record and e-mail your own lines and live in the Phoenix area (Arizona), you may contact Paeter to set up an audition. If cast, Paeter will schedule time for you to record your lines in his home office. Those outside of the Phoenix area must be able to record their own lines and send them to us (via file transfer service) in mp3 format at a bit rate of 128kb or higher. When recording your audition, please give attention to your microphone levels. You are also advised to use a pop filter. Distortions in audio quality or "pops" on your "P’s" or other consonants will reduce your chances of being cast.

    If you have any questions about The Spirit Blade Underground Alliance, feel free to post them here or contact Paeter directly. We hope to connect with you soon and have fun crating something together!

    -Seek The Truth!

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