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    New Trailer For "The Predator"


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    New Trailer For "The Predator"

    Post  Paeter on June 27th 2018, 1:35 pm

    No Spielberg kid this time around, but I still have my doubts. This will be the second time they've tried to sort of "reboot" the series. I think when you're doing that it works based, not on new concepts getting added to the mix, but by a decisive choice in tone and style.

    The vibe I get from this trailer is not stylistically unique but mostly a generic "alien sci-fi action" vibe. Add to that what looks like a shark-jumping "Giant Predator" and I'm even more skeptical. Both because of the concept and because it will likely cause the regular Predator to sort of "team-up" with one or more humans to defeat the larger Predator. That takes the "fear of the unknown" away from the standard Predator and sets the series up for always needing some even MORE shark-jumping threat to be introduced in future installments.

    Just the impressions I get. Really hope I'm wrong.

    All those "monster movie preferences" aside? Sure, I'll take "just another alien sci-fi action flick". Those are cool in their own way and it's been a little while.

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    Re: New Trailer For "The Predator"

    Post  jazzact13 on June 28th 2018, 1:04 am

    More disappointed in the cruder content, I don't remember that from the first, but I guess that's also standard for these types of movies. The first Predator had a good bit of it, the second was a joke in large part because of it.

    About the giant predator thing, I'll wait and see what they do with it in the story. If it's just another large monster that shows up late, causes a few problems, but gets defeated quick, then what's the point? If they give it a good reason for being existing and being there, and even make it a fairly complex character, then all well and good. The fact that it attacked the normal predator could be pointing to an unusual motive.

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