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    Star Trek Discovery: Season 2 Trailer


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    Star Trek Discovery: Season 2 Trailer

    Post  AdamCollings on July 21st 2018, 10:51 pm

    First trailer for Star Trek Discovery: Season 2.

    My thoughts:

    * Looks like we're going to be doing a bit more "discovering" this season. The trailer sets up a great mystery, a message hidden in space and time. They're going to be investigating this great mystery. This is a huge positive for me. One thing that was sorely lacking in season 1 was "boldly going". Between the Klingon War arc (which was so so) and the mirror universe arc (which was pretty darn great) there wasn't much time for exploration. The idea of setting up a long-term exploration plot into some kind of galactic mystery is EXACTLY what I've always hoped for in a modern serialised Star Trek. This aspect has me feeling very enthusiastic.

    * So the new captain of the USS Discovery is none other than Christopher Pike, of the USS Enterprise (Kirk's predecessor seen in the original pilot The Cage). I'm [pretty happy with the casting of Pike. The actor bares reasonable resemblance for Jeffery Hunter, and may also be pulling a little inspiration from Bruce Greenwood who played the Kelvinverse version of the character in two of JJ Abrams' movies. You can argue all day whether the inclusion of classic characters is necessary, but it will be interesting to give Pike some character development. Previously, we've seen a very jaded Pike, who was ready to leave Starfleet, and thn a post-disaster Pike confined to a wheelchair, whose life had been shattered. I'm looking forward to getting to know the man between these two events.

    * Tilly is cool. Her character was a bright spark in season 1. I'm looking forward to continuing to follow her journey as she strives to achieve her ambitions. "The power of math, people!"

    * Confirmation that we're acknowledging Spock, the foster-brother of Burnham. He doesn't appear in the trailer, and is apparently on a leave of absence from the Enterprise (conventiently). Again, do we need Spock in a new show? Maybe not, but I remember how a standout epsiode last season (Lethe) gave some wonderful character development to the Spock / Sarak relationship, without Spock even appearing. I appreciated that. Spock is somehow involved in the galactic mystery. Putting his life in danger, makes the whole mystery much more personal for Burnham, and from a story-telling point of view, that's a good thing. (Confirmation has been given that we will see Spock in season 2, but this may be confined to a flashback of a child Spock)

    * Humour. They seem to be trying hard to make it clear there will be humour in season 2. Possibly in response to some segments of the fan base who felt season 1 was too "dark and humourless". Now, I don't necessarily mind there being some humour in Star Trek. There has always been humour in Trek. If say I say there must be none, I am no better than those who criticised the tone of season 1, saying "there MUST be humour". I'm perfectly happy with "dark humourless" Trek, but I have also enjoyed some humourous Trek in the past. (Little Green Men, Trials and Tribble-ations, The Magnificent Ferenghi).The turbolift scene feels a little too much for me. the Saurian crewmember sneezes all over one of the Enterprise officers. Haha. So funny. Seems a very low form of humour. But hey, if its inclusion makes people happy, whatever. I'll go with it.

    Over all, my reaction is largely positive. I'm looking forward to the exploration / mystery theme.

    Other tidbits:
    * Enterprise First office "Number One" originally played by Majel Barret Roddenberry has been confirmed to appear. Played by Rebecca Romjin. It is said that her character is given some growth and development in Discovery. That's cool.

    * There will be 10 - 15 mini-sodes to tide us over until season 2 begins.

    * The theme of season 2 has previously been described as "science vs faith". Apparently this means more than just religious faith. Hmm. Star Trek has a mixed record of addressing this topic. Deep Space Nine generally handled religion pretty well. TOS and Voyager not always positively. Just watch Matt's video review of "Distant Origin" on his youTube channel! It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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