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    Marathon Recap


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    Marathon Recap

    Post  Paeter on November 5th 2018, 10:33 am

    The big weekend for my Extra-Life marathon has come and gone shockingly fast as it always does.
    I got a good night of sleep Friday and was up and running at 6am with several of you there right at the start to chat it up with me. In fact, the CGC community was a consistent presence almost every moment I was online and I had a great time hanging with you!

    Of course as you may know, the stream decided to die again at 8:30pm until nearly 4am. That came on suddenly and was a bit of a bummer. But last year it died at 7pm with a break down for two hours in the afternoon prior to that, and low quality streaming for much of the time it was still active. So even with this breakdown, the overall quality and success of the stream was a big step up from last year. On top of that, I was still able to continue recording and uploading hourly segments throughout the night for those die-hards that really wanted to keep track of my progress. I also had two call-in-guests (Francisco Ruiz of the Retro Rewind Podcast & my younger sister) who helped me disarm some bombs. And thanks to a "Plan B" I had ready with the input of Patrons at, I was able to chat throughout the night in response to questions and topics some of you helped to provide!

    Although I put up some temporary video segments from those offline hours, that was just for those who wanted to keep track of me over the weekend. I'm taking them down this morning and will be re-uploading them eventually after I give them some proper sound and editing treatment. So look forward to the unfolding saga of my 24-hour marathon to come out weekly on Thursdays in the coming months, starting this Thursday! It was a great day and I look forward to sharing it with those of you who didn't make it out live.

    Finally, our fundraising was a big success! I raised $350 of my $200 goal and our team raised$1,010 of our $700 goal! Wow! Huge thanks to everyone who donated and made this possible!
    I am exhausted and still recovering, but as usual, I'm already looking forward to next year's possibilities! Thank you!

    -Seek The Truth!

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