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    Post  Guest on April 16th 2011, 8:07 pm

    I mentioned this movie in my lil review of the casting for the coming Dark Knight film .. Soooo I looked around and to my surprise no ones posted a review on here.

    Ive seen this movie a couple times and everytime I see it I see something I missed which is (IMO) a trademark of a good film. People ive talked to about it fall into one of two camps .. They either loved it or hated it and COULD NOT get into it.

    THose of us more "mature" members of the forums remember the streak of dream related movies back in the 80s (Dreamscape , nightmare on elms street 1-1 gazillion Very Happy etc) and Inception is NOT one of those type of movies.. Yes is uses some of the same premises (dont die in your dreams, etc) but the concept (and I hope this isnt a spoiler for those of you reading this BEFORE seeing the movie LOL ) of Dream nesting was brilliant.

    All the Christopher Nolan films ive watched are either 1) have a high element of believeability (sp?) as in Batman Begins and the Dark Knight or 2) Have that "play with your head element" as in Inception or Memento. The casting was good with alot of big names.. HOwever it was one observation .. Nolan does seem to have some favorites that keep making appearances (Ken Watanabe , Michael Cane ).

    The SFX were absolutly mind blowing .. My personal favorite was the one where Cobb and Ariadne were in the city that "turned on itself".

    Nolan does a really good job of letting you into the minds of the characters too.. Caprios portayal as the regrett ridden Cobb was almost tangible.

    All and in all a very good fun film .. but im just one person in the "love it" camp

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    Re: Inception

    Post  Paeter on April 17th 2011, 4:46 pm

    My review for this must have been posted before the forums were launched. But yeah, great flick. I really enjoyed it!

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