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    Voltron Force

    Post  mindspike on June 18th 2011, 9:44 pm

    Nickelodeon picked up the rights to produce a new series based on the Voltron property. The movie-length pilot episode premiered Thursday June 16.

    The new series is set five years after the original series ended. Lotor and the other enemies are dead. The Galactic Council is ruled by a corrupt politician who orders the Voltron lions disbanded. Our heroes rebel and reunite Voltron. The bad guys resurrect Lotor. The two sides fight - cue stock footage.

    The new series seems aimed solidly at the under 10 crowd. The animation is simplistic and "soft", with warm tones and bright colors. The scripting is embarrassing, and all tension comes from artificially stressed voice acting. The usual viewers of Nicktoons are going to love this show. Nostalgia-seeking adults? Not so much.

    Of far greater impact is the return of Iron Man: Armored Adventures, season 2. This is an excellent show, and one I'm going to enjoy!

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    Nora Freeze

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    Can't Help myself...

    Post  Nora Freeze on June 28th 2011, 3:27 pm

    I might have to look this up and giggle about it. I used to watch Voltron ALL THE TIME as a kid. It was strange even back then...wasn't the princess raised by colourful mice? I am sort of excited to see how they tried to update it, and if it was as horrible as it sounds. Thanks for letting us know!

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