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    The Phantom


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    The Phantom

    Post  Tim on July 5th 2010, 11:05 am

    Anyone see The Phantom on the SyFy Channel. It was a several hour long movie that is sort of an update on the old Phantom Comic Book Character.

    I was presently surprised by this. I liked the updated look of the costume and the style of the Film. I thought the daredevil/parkour additions were a welcome change. I remember really liking the older movie with Billy Zane, but with that skin tight purple suit is a product of its time and I think this new one is a good sequel/reboot.

    To me it looks like this is trying to probe for interest in a TV I wrong/right? Anyone know anything about this? It sort of snuck up on me. I'd really like to see an ongoing series of The Ghost Who Walks. I always loved the old Noir Superheroes...(ie. the Phantom, The Shadow, Batman, Dick Tracy...)



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    Re: The Phantom

    Post  Paeter on July 5th 2010, 1:40 pm

    Crap! I'm bummed that I missed this! I knew about it coming awhile back, but since I haven't been watching anything on SyFy in awhile I haven't been connected to their marketing campaign. Wonder if I can catch it on their website or hulu...

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